Frequently asked questions about the bestselling lecterns designed by Milan award winning designer Stephen Procter
Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need anti reflective film?

If you have a projector screen behind the preacher you will probably need this to prevent light reflecting off the lectern top onto the screen. In this case, lights from above the stage reflect off the lectern top and onto the projector screen. You can test for this by turning on your stage lights and holding an old style (shiny) CD case where the pulpit top would be (or use a piece of shiny plastic or a mirror) . If you get unsightly reflections, you need the film. If you need it on the lectern, you will almost certainly need it on the table as well (unless the pastor is buying it for his office).

Do I need covers?
Almost all churches order these as they help prolong the life of the clear tops (a replacement lectern top costs 130- more with anti reflective film).

Do you have showrooms? Can I come and see your pulpits and tables?
Sorry! We only show our pulpits at exhibitions. We do however, have a money back guarantee; 'love it or send it back'. No one has sent one back yet, but if you were to order, receive and for some reason not like your new pulpit, we will refund all of your money. Our customers say the pulpits always look better 'in person' than in the photographs. Of course if you live in Sydney, you are welcome to come and look, just please call first.

Are the pulpits guaranteed?
Yes for 12 months. Obviously this is for normal use and excludes dropping/ knocking it over/ abuse.

Are the pulpits stable?
Yes - you need to push it 15-20 degrees before it will start to fall (the most stringent international standard for lighting is 15 deg.) We have put a lot of effort into getting the centre of gravity low and in the correct place.You can place a laptop on the far corner, place a heavy book on top of that (a big bible) and it will not topple. On the other hand, it has a tension bar running through the stem which gives it some flexibility. This flexibility is essential if the top is given a shock.

How high is the pulpit to the bottom of the ledge?
The height to the ledge is 101cm/ 39.8". This suits 95% of the population. In fact in all the
pulpits we have made we have never needed to change this height.

Do the pulpits and tables come made up or do I need to assemble them?
We transport the arc and arc table flat in special boxes. This saves money on freight and prevents them from being damaged during transit.

Are they easy to assemble?
Very. Instructions are included. We have had a Korean customer say it took 9 minutes to assemble even without being able to read the English part of the instructions (it includes pictures) . We have never heard of a church having trouble assembling the arc

We are worried about reflection- what do you suggest?
If you plan to regularly film your church meetings and services, we recommend anti reflective film. You can order this already applied at the time of
pulpits purchase (see 'arc range' page for price). However if you purchase your pulpit and afterwards decide you need anti reflective film, your church can get it applied by a local signwriter. We can give you the specification for the film (it is a 3M product). Well known churches like Hillsong Church, Sydney have the film on all four of their Arc pulpits and use them on international television. It looks great on TV/camera (you can hardly tell). To see a picture of the arc pulpits with reflective film
click here.

Did you make the pulpit at Hillsong Church?
Hillsong Church, Sydney have three of our arc pulpits which they use in a range of meetings, including weekend services and conferences. You may have also seen one of our pulpits being used by Phil Baker from Riverview Church (WA, Australia).

Do you have a pulpit with adjustable height?
You have probably heard of ergonomics- the study of human interraction with furniture and objects. Our pulpits are designed using anthropometric ergonomic data (the same ergonomic data the designers at Boeing use to design airplane interiors). We found that by using a height of approximately 101cm (40 '') to the bottom of the lip and an angle of approximately 20 degrees for the top, that a pulpit will suit 95% of adult male and females. Having said that we do make an adjustable version of the arc if you need it (see this website).

How do I order and pay?
Go to the 'How to Buy' page of this website (see top right.)

Do I need to get a cover?
Most churches order these however (AUD$ 55 each if ordered alone, AUD$ 45 if ordered with puplit or table. See 'Accessories' page of this website) since they prolong the life of your puplit or table top. They are a fabric cover to help keep your lectern and lectern table scratch and dust free when not in use. They are essential if the pulpit and/or table are to be moved around. The table and lectern covers are made from elastic edged cotton drill.

I am ordering from overseas. Will I therefore have to pay customs and duties?
Unfortunately, duties and customs charges in your country are out of our control. You may need to pay charges if your government imposes them.You will therefore need to pay any of these. (On the upside, unlike my Australian customers, you do not have to pay 10% Australian GST). You may be required to pay such duties or customs taxes before the goods can be cleared at customs in your country. Our experience with sending products to the USA is that because of the free trade agreement between Australia and the USA, little or no taxes seem to be charged. We cannot however, be certain of this in every case.

Can I change the height of arc church lecterns?
Obviously the adjustable arc lectern can have the height changed whenever you like. Another option is to get a fixed height arc lectern with a stem that is permanently taller or shorter than normal- for example if the pastors using it are all particularly tall or short. The stem length is changed during manufacture.

Height changes are in increments of 2" (5cm) above or below the standard stem height of 40" (101cm) to the bottom of the lip (where the bible or notes rest). Please let us know your preference:
2" (5cm) or 4" (10cm) taller than the standard pulpit height of 40" (101cm) to the bottom of the lip,
2" (5cm) or 4" (10cm) than the standard pulpit height of 40" (101cm) to the bottom of the lip.
Height changes are $ 90. Likewise height changes to the arc table are also possible.

Do you have a customer list on this website?
Yes - go to the 'Testimonials' page of this website