How to purchase a bestselling modern lectern for you church
How To Buy

Pulpit Manufacture
We are constantly making batches of our pulpits and tables. Availability is normally 1-8 days and will depend on demand at the time. Please let us know if you have a particular deadline such as a building opening, pastors birthday or conference start. We will certainly try to have your new lectern at your church for your occasion!

How to Order our Church Pulpits
1. E-mail us saying what you would like

Please let us know:
-Church (or company) name if you have one
-Delivery address + open hours (this needs to be attended weekdays)
-Contact tel numbers
-Postal address if different (we normally like to send out a christmas card)
-Pulpit type (Arc, Arc Adjust, Flagpole etc) and for the arc:size 60cm/24" or 70cm/28"
-If you would like anti reflective film or covers

2. We will then e-mail you an invoice
to pay by cheque, internet transfer or credit card

3. Pay the invoice

4. We send your order

Payment Methods
1. Internet transfer or Telegraphic transfer (TT) into our bank account

2. Cheques can be in Australian dollars, or US dollars made out to 'Procson Pty Ltd'.

3. Credit Cards
Payment can be by credit card (visa or mastercard) through a system called stratapay. In Australia, this costs and extra 1.5% however. Internet transfer is faster.

Delivery or Pick up
Procson lecterns and pulpit tables are manufactured to pack flat and be easily assembled. Assembly takes 5-15 minutes. This makes freight cheaper and means they are less likely to be damaged in transit. If you are local to Sydney, you can pick up your fully assembled pulpit and table from us directly if you wish. Obviously you will pay no freight costs if you do this.

Delivery time
Australia - 1-6 days. Sent by courier.

Rest of the world- 2- 5 days. We send by TNT/ DHL door to door airfreight courier. Taxes imposed by your country are unfortunately out of our control. You may be required to pay tax before the goods can be cleared at customs in your country. On the upside, exports from Australia are free of GST (sales tax).

Our pulpits and tables pack flat so if you are attending the Hillsong conference, Hillsong Colour conference or are otherwise in Sydney, let us know. We can arrange to get them to you, so you can check them in for your return flight.