Range of modern lecterns, podium and pulpits for contemporary churches as used by Brian Houston at Hillsong church, Sydney, Australia
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We love this pulpit palaver...

Perusing at pulpits...If you are looking for a pulpit, podium or lectern for your modern and relevant church, you have come to the right place. Procson (formerly 'the Pulpit Company') is a specialised business dedicated to providing a unique range of church pulpits designed especially for contemporary churches in Australia and around the world. We now export a large proportion of our pulpits to churches around the world. For six years, I Stephen Procter was privileged to design and make many pieces of church equipment and church furniture for Hillsong Church and other churches throughout Australia.

Pastors and pulpits...Despite the myriad of traditional church supplies, it become clear that there was a need for a range of pulpits that reflect the needs of vibrant and growing contemporary churches. I talked to local pastors in Sydney, while prototyping and testing. The pulpits on this site are the best designs from a large number of prototypes that were built and tested.

Pondering pulpits ...Obviously the focal point for much of the service is the preacher and pulpit. Whether your church meets in a purpose built auditorium or school hall, I hope one of my products may be able to add something to the church experience of your congregation. All are designed and made here in Australia by us and our team. Please have a look, download the pdf brochures and contact us or your country's agent to purchase or ask questions.

Premium pulpits...The pulpits and tables are made from modern materials such as stainless steel and plated steel, acrylic and plastics such as polycarbonate, plexiglass and Perspex.

Proud of our pulpits... Procson is owned and run by my wife Elizabeth and me. We live in Sydney, Australia, attend the wonderful Hillsong Church and have two daughters. We are always keen to hear the views and thoughts of people around the globe about our products, so whether you purchase a pulpit or just peruse one of the websites, please send us your comments to the e-mail address on the top panel above.