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Adjustable Arc Lectern

We embarked on an engineering challenge- to make a stylish adjustable church podium.

The first problem was how to allow 2 curved tubes to slide within one another. It is fairly simple to get two straight tubes to slide within one another, but a curve is a different story.

The second problem was to develop a special non-slip adjustment mechanism.
Many preachers have had the experience of placing something heavy on a music stand, only to have the music stand pole slip down. The same is generally the case with any regular adjustable table or lectern. Normally in order to stop this happening, you need to tighten it extremely well. In addition, this type of adjustment often becomes less reliable over time.

We developed a special clicking mechanism. This means that (unlike most adjustable lecterns) the mechanism will still be reliable after years of use.

An additional problem was keeping it light enough to carry easily, despite all the extra parts. All the parts were re-engineered to make them as light as possible. A new type of base was developed, extra stable and rigid, yet not heavy. This new base has been developed to be particularly good on surfaces that are not even. After all it seems that nobody has a perfectly flat stage or floor. The result is that at 10.3kg/22.7 pounds, it is only 1.8kg/ 4 pounds heavier than the regular arc. Given the large 28" (70cm) wide top, it seems that it is the lightest adjustable lectern in its class.

All in all, the adjustable arc looks like the regular arc, but we didn't just add an adjustable mechanism to the existing arc. It has no parts in common with the existing arc church lectern- so you could say it is completely different, but looks the same!

We invested a significant amount in new tooling and parts to develop it. No expense was spared in making it the best possible.
After 14 months in development, it is finally ready. Even though we have not had it on our website, word has gotten around and they are already selling like hotcakes. Currently it is only available in a 70cm wide version.

70cm (28") wide ................................AUD$ 1490
Freight (within Australia) .................... AUD$ 30
Freight (to New Zealand) .................... AUD$ 90
Freight (to rest of the world) ............... AUD$ 120
Add 10% GST for orders within Australia