Perspex lecternStainless steel and acrylic podiumPrototype of modern pulpitFirst designs of lecterns for modern churchesImages of early designs of Procson pulpitsDimensions of lectern design by award winning designer Stephen ProcterPrototype of new generation lecterns Modern lecterns loved by preachers and speakersBestselling Arc lectern as used by Hillsong Church, Sydney, London and KievEarly sketches by Stepehn Procter of modern lecternsNew generation podium imageEarly designs of lecterns sold by Procson to USA , Asia and EuropeMore sketches of pulpits by Stephen ProcterPreachers and speakers around the world love Procson modern lecternsBestselling modern Arc lectern Ergonomically designed lecterns and podiumsFlat packed lecterns sent around the world by Procson pulpitsMilan furniture fair best newcomer award winner Stephen Procter and his lectern designsGlass, acrylic and plastic pulpitsCharismatic churches are very fond of the minimalist look of the lecternsArc podium with bible laptop and folderAluminium and acrylic lecterns used by preachers and priestsMatching table and lectern for the professional looking church
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Design & Manufacture

We are constantly refining the lecterns in our existing church lectern range and designing new lecterns. From the initial idea to full scale production is an involved process that takes many months. The lecterns on this website are the best from 32 lecterns that were built and tested. They are the result of many prototypes and rigorous testing over many months of development. Click on the above images to see parts of our development process.

Why do we have so many ideas, do so many CAD (computer aided design) drawings and models, build so many prototypes and yet so few make if through the process? Lecterns fail at the development process for several reasons: Stability, weight, aesthetics, cost and ergonomics (design for the human body based on anthropmetric data). Many of our great looking ideas ended up being too heavy to lift, or not stable enough (we couldn't get them through the tipping phase of our testing). Conversely, many stable and lightweight lectern ideas just were not good looking enough for todays modern churches. Even after a lectern design is released for sale, we constantly refine it. This is based on our own tests and feedback from our customers. In particular, our 'tough but fair' customers are very helpful. These are churches, like Hillsong church, who use our lecterns and tables under extrememe conditions. A lectern at Hillsong church or Hillsong conference will be constantly moved, bumped, knocked, carried, transported, disassembled, assembled, televised and used by some of the worlds most well known preachers. Feedback from extreme usage situations helps us to constantly improve them, giving you a better lectern experience. As a result, we make incremental improvements to the balance, weight and production quality and make subtle aesthetic improvements to produce an ever better lectern design. After all- we are lectern specialists, so it's what we think about all the time.